Resilient Coasts for Salmon is part of the PSF 
Marine Science Program

Building Awareness

One of the major bottlenecks to uptake of innovative practices such as nature-based approaches, is the lack of public awareness of these options.

As part of the Resilient Coast for Salmon program, we are implementing a multi-faceted approach to educate BC communities, government decision makers, municipalities and coastal professionals about current and future climate impacts (including risks, vulnerability, hard armouring) in their local communities on the East Coast of Vancouver Island and the long-term adaptive benefits of nature-based approaches to address coastal sea level rise, storm surge and flooding.

We invite you to join us at upcoming events, and to browse the educational materials on the following pages: 
Climate Change Educational Primer

An educational booklet covering coastal ecosystems and processes, how they are impacted by shoreline modification and climate change as well as nature-based solutions that will make our coastlines and communities resilient.

Tool Kit

Explore ways to reduce your environmental impact and implement nature-based solutions through this searchable set of handy guides and resources.

Outreach and Education

A range of informative posts to learn more about our coastline and nature-based solutions.

Please reach out to us if you would like more information, or hard copies of our materials.

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