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Join us for a mapping workshop on a shoreline in your community!

We are hosting workshops at beaches of interest along the East Coast of Vancouver Island for the duration of the Resilient Coasts for Salmon Project. In these workshops you will learn about shoreline habitat, sea level rise, coastal squeeze, and more, PLUS try your hand at collecting data! Later on, we will host community meetings to discuss our findings on the extent of hard armouring (e.g. seawalls, riprap), and discuss options for adaptation, including which areas to prioritize for rest

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Stay tuned for future mapping workshops

We will host more workshops in different communities in the upcoming years:

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Field Guide to Shoreline Mapping

Here is our Field Guide to Shoreline Mapping which will be used at our citizen science workshops along with the field data sheets for Line and Point Features. Feel free to download these to try mapping shorelines yourself!

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