Resilient Coasts for Salmon is part of the PSF 
Marine Science Program

Demonstration Sites

This activity will result in the creation of three demonstration sites on the East Coast of Vancouver island, allowing both for “hands-on” training and provision of a “before” and “after” example for the general public, with the added benefit of huge public visibility, further assisting in community education and awareness of soft shores methodologies and their positive ecological, aesthetic, social and economic impacts. Additional outreach and communications will be achieved with signage, video production and webinars. These restoration projects will be carried out on high value salmon habitat on Vancouver Island (Courtenay and Greater Victoria) suitable both for habitat restoration and training for community volunteers. PSF and the Stewardship Centre of BC will develop a monitoring plan for the restoration sites, which will be continued after the completion of this project.

Expected results

The restoration areas will see significant benefits in terms of shoreline stabilization, adaptation to climate impacts, and increased carbon sequestration as a result of "greening" with riparian and marine (eelgrass) plantings. There will be a reduction of anthropogenic impacts as a result of removal of rip-rap, other structures, reduction in pollution, and long term monitoring will be carried out to assess impacts to the shoreline biological community and its diversity, including monitoring for forage fish spawning. Project results will enable increased understanding of, acceptance, and ongoing adoption of innovative ecosystem-based approaches to climate adaptation action like soft-armouring and living shorelines (Green Shores®), which have been found to be highly effective in defending community shorelines against both erosion and storm surges while protecting and restoring ecosystems. Three physical, large-scale, "on the ground" examples of soft shores approaches will allow for outreach via media, video production and signage. 

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