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Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based solutions harness nature’s resiliency to tackle pressing environmental and societal challenges in a sustainable, mutually beneficial way. The scale for applying nature-based solutions ranges from global initiatives to those which a homeowner can apply on their own property. Learn more about the way nature-based solutions are being applied to help address climate change adaptation, flood mitigation and declining biodiversity.


Nature-based Solutions Initiative – University of Oxford; What are nature-based solutions and why do they matter? – Climate Home News; Nature and Climate, Impacts and Solutions – WWF; What are nature-based solutions? – David Suzuki Foundation

Applied Nature based solutions:

Living dikes, a nature-based solution being applied in Boundary Bay to prepare for sea level rise and improve biodiversity. How a salt marsh could be a secret weapon against sea level rise in B.C.’s Fraser delta - The Narwhal

Seven lessons for planning nature-based solutions in cities based on 15 case studies across Europe. Environmental Science & Policy

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