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Marine Science Program

Shoreline Slope Restoration Project

Kristen Miskelly (Biologist and co-owner of Satinflower Nurseries), Andy MacKinnon (Forestry Ecologist, author, and former Metchosin Councillor), and Tayler Krawczyk (Co-owner of Hatchet & Seed) invited the Resilient Coasts for Salmon team to learn about a shoreline slope restoration project near Witty’s Lagoon, British Columbia. Tayler utilized a regenerative restoration technique called willow wattle fencing - whereby cuttings from willow trees are sustainably harvested in the dormant season and used to stake along terraces - for quick growth and stabilization of the slope. Learn how this project came about and the process it takes to use a nature-based approach to managing erosion on the shoreline.

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