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Kyla Sheehan

Resilient Coasts for Salmon, Project Manager, PSF

Kyla Sheehan is a biologist working with the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Kyla is passionate about estuary, wetland, and nearshore ecology and restoration, and throughout her career has been keen to understand and protect these incredible systems. Kyla has seen firsthand the value of these complex ecosystems to salmon and migratory birds, as well as for people. She has also witnessed their vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and development. Kyla earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology through the University of British Columbia in 2016. Kyla also holds a Master of Science degree in Ecological Restoration from Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. As part of an applied research project in her latest degree, she partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada to study niche modelling applied to an island in the Fraser River estuary that had become dominated by an invasive plant species, and its implications for restoration. Kyla believes that modern approaches like predictive models and mapping tools can help us understand our ecosystems, build resilience and plan for the future. Kyla will be responsible for leading the community outreach components, and the citizen science shoreline hardening mapping initiative.

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