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Maria Catanzaro

Resilient Coasts for Salmon, Projects Coordinator, PSF

Maria is a biologist for the Pacific Salmon Foundation in the Marine Science Program. She focuses on estuarine and nearshore habitats, their importance to Pacific salmon, and restoration strategies that can give salmon a fighting chance in our changing climate. Maria received a joint major in Psychology and Cultural Studies at Trent University, and a diploma in Behavioural Science and Technology at George Brown College. After working as a behavioural scientist, she dove into the Restoration of Natural Systems Diploma program at the University of Victoria, where she won the Restoration Catalyst Award. Maria’s main focus of interest throughout school was marine ecosystem restoration, including a directed study on eelgrass and wasting disease. Maria is also a consultant for salmon restoration initiatives using strategic systems planning. Maria is working together with Kyla Sheehan and Kelly Loch on the mapping, training, outreach, and educational components of the Resilient Coasts for Salmon initiative. Maria is passionate about adaptive restoration that works with the natural world, helping to build collective resilience to climate change for nature and coastal communities alike.

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