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Using Green Shores Nature-based Solutions

As a homeowner, you have an opportunity to enroll your site in Green Shores® for Homes and work with qualified professionals (biologists, coastal engineers, and environmental specialists) to develop and apply a nature-based shoreline design on your property.

Green Shores® is a program of the non-profit Stewardship Centre for British Columbia (SCBC) that offers a framework of best practices, training, and technical support to property owners interested in applying nature-based solutions on their property.

How does using Green Shores benefit salmon?

Green Shores guides users to nature-based solutions that encourage healthy land-sea habitat connectivity, which provides quality shoreline habitat for salmon.

Applying nature-based solutions along shoreline properties comes with a number of environmental, social and economic benefits. For example, nature-based solutions, such as beach nourishment and native plantings, improves resiliency to sea level rise and climate change by allowing for dynamically coastal processes adjust to changing levels whilst also providing habitat complexity for the ecosystem. Implementing upland solutions, such as rain gardens or rainwater harvesting, can reduce runoff and contaminated water flowing to the shore, thereby minimizing erosion and harmful toxins entering the environment. Truly a 'win-win', nature-based solutions are also typically lower cost than static engineered shoreline property protection measures such as seawalls and they create a naturally beautiful shoreline for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about Green Shores and continue reading below to learn how to enroll, and about the benefits and assistance you can receive.

A Green Shores for Homes - certified project site in Parksville, Vancouver Island. The shoreline project included a hybrid design and extensive planting of native vegetation with retention of large woody debris, providing resiliency to erosion, and enhanced aesthetics and access to the shoreline. Photo credit: Kelly Loch

Getting started with Green Shores for Homes

As one Green Shores for Homes homeowner said:

'Becoming involved, reading and learning about the benefits of Green Shores through this project has been enlightening….and fun.  Thank you to the Green Shores team for sharing your knowledge and passion for the program. We look forward to enjoying the garden maturing and evolving with the hope of it being an inspiration for neighbouring waterfront owners. Best of all the birds love it!’Green Shores for Homes Gold Project Homeowner, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

Follow the steps below to get started:
  1. Visit the Green Shores website, review the resources available, and explore existing Green Shores Case Studies on completed projects to learn more about how the Green Shores process was applied and see the results. If you have any questions, contact the Stewardship Centre for BC at

Currently, there is no cost to the homeowner for Green Shores for Homes as grant funding covers the cost of project enrollment, support and verification.  Larger scale projects, for example a park or commercial site, follow a similar process to the above but use the Green Shores for Shoreline Development guide. There are fees associated with enrollment and verification of Green Shores for Shoreline Development projects. Contact the Stewardship Centre for more information.

Why get Green Shores certified?

By enrolling in Green Shores for Homes, homeowners benefit from project assistance, training and verification at no cost. As well, Green Shores projects located on Vancouver Island can potentially use the Expedited Permit Checklist for nature-based projects to expedite provincial permitting in the foreshore. This process provides the homeowner with time and cost savings. By using Green Shores guidance, homeowners are able to design a successful custom nature-based approach that works for the site and their needs.

In addition, once the Green Shores project is certified, the property value might be enhanced, and maintenance costs reduced, making it a valuable investment for homeowners. Green Shores certified sites are also a source of pride to the homeowner, and a great inspiration to neighbouring shoreline owners.  In this way, shoreline owners work together to support the environment and promote nature-based solutions in their communities.

“We are proud recipients of Green Shores certification for keeping the shoreline natural at our new home in Bowser, BC! “ – 2019 Green Shores for Homes homeowner, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Photo by the Stewardship Centre for BC.

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